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Denis & Oksana

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Denis made marriage proposal to Oksana on the board of the plane. It’s so romantic and unorthodox that it was decided to put this story in the basis of the wedding theme. And in such way has been born the idea of wedding. 

The stylized thematic wedding was challenge for everybody!

There were lots of various wedding ideas. But not all ideas are so easy to convert. 

For holy matrimony the groom had to fly by plane on his own and the bride should be brought by retro chic car.

The wedding ceremony itself was to be located in a field and celebration was supposed to be in the airplane hangar. 

All these creative ideas absolutely didn’t fall into understanding of classical wedding and this work really more inspiring!

The most important task was: correctly show the wedding style, namely RETRO LUX. It meant that we had to get away from color as much as it was possible. And we had to show more exactly retro video. We were well past with this task.

“It’s not a wedding – it’s a romantic film” said someone among admiring guests) And we absolutely agree with this!

Watch and enjoy this film with us!


Your Memories – Made in USA  

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