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A modern wedding is a combination of a stylish concept and an exciting scenario, it's also the main memories and new experience for couples and guests. 

Modern technologies help In the embodiment of beautiful ideas that help to tell the story of a couple, immersing in emotion. 

Imagine what would happen if you opened the wrong door? 

No meeting is accidental and this story unfolded at the ceremony a beautiful tale of the groom about how he met the most important girl in his life.

Several doors concealed behind them screens at the ceremony, the groom opened doors in turn, followed by fragments of history, until the bride appeared behind one of them. 

Despite the fact that the Four Seasons hotel can be called one of the most classic and romantic wedding venues in the center of Moscow, our team creates the most ambitious and experimental projects in here. 

A multi-level stage the prototype of which was taken from one of the productions of the London Opera was built in the hall, due to a special design, it allowed to make fascinating appearance of a couple and artists.


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